Dog Bite Liability

For most dog owners, the possibility of their dog biting someone may seem next to impossible. Many common dog breeds are tame, friendly, and docile but homeowner’s insurance underwriters are careful when determining what breeds of dogs to exclude from a policy. In 2011, insurance […]

Not Your Average Claim

Working in the insurance industry, you seem some truly whacky, counter-intuitive claims, cases, and court rulings. RoughNotesmagazine and Insurance Journal constantly publish claims and court settlements far from norm. Yesterday, an article popped up on Insurance Journal’s website about a man who killed his wife, […]

Google: Corporate Liability

According to The Washington Post, the Federal Trade Commission is currently in the process of imposing a $22.5 million fine on Google for violating Apple computer, smartphone, and tablet user privacy rights by circumventing user privacy settings. Google, among other internet search providers, can track […]


We’re approaching that day.Where are the kids get dressed up in costumes, looking all cute, begging for candy.It’s a good time, right?Well, that’s not the only thing that happens.Kids can get hurt trick or treating.And you could be at risk.Did you leave the garden hose […]