Series Kick-Off: Mock Monday

Next week we are kicking off a new blog series.It’s called Mock Mondays.Every Monday we will take you through a part of the claim process to help you better understand how a claim works.Obviously EVERY claim is different, but hopefully you will understand insurance, claims, accidents, getting paid […]

Mobile Apps

Safety Insurance is joining the app world! iPhone AppIntroduced May 3, 2011 {image} Android AppIntroduced July 7, 2011     {images} Cost: FREE Access your Safety account to: report a claim, view your insurance card and access agent information If you’re not a Safety client, you […]


In Massachusetts, you were required to TURN IN YOUR LICENSE PLATES for a car to cancel the insurance OR remove the vehicle from the policy. Well, that is STILL the case today, however the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts is trying to make life […]