Shark Attack!

With Discovery Channel’s famous “Shark Week” put off for a few weeks by the Summer Olympics, it’s only fitting that Massachusetts saw its first shark attack since a fatal attack in 1936. While officials have not definitively confirmed that it was a shark that bit […]

Distractology 101

Last Friday, we posted a video of Tim Thomas testing the Distractology simulator. This week we are interviewing Katie Rush of Arbella Mutual Insurance. Katie joined Arbella in 2010 as a Marketing Support Coordinator. She assists the agencies with promoting the simulator to community. 1)      […]

Career Opportunity

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I jumped into the insurance industry. Check it here.We are currently looking to hire another person looking to develop their career.Here is our job posting: Job PostingCheck it out.Are you interested?A few cons of working in the insurance industry […]

Accident Forgiveness

With the introduction of managed competition in Massachusetts, auto insurers Plymouth Rock and Arbella have been able to introduce accident forgiveness to Massachusetts drivers. The exact details of accident forgiveness vary between insurance companies, but the basic concept is universal: drivers, for an extra fee […]

The First 72 Hours

Disaster Planning According to FEMA: A few years ago FEMA released a statement about disaster planning… You can find it here. If you don’t want to read the entire statement, I will summarize what they recommend you have on hand the first 72 hours. FEMA […]

Hurricane Earl…

You have heard the news… a Hurricane is coming…   What does that mean for Cape Codders? Tape the windows, stock up on water, batteries, lanterns, food and games…   Many Cape Codders remember Hurricane Bob and the damage he did. I was only 8 […]

Glass Mishaps

The recent snowstorm on the Cape caused more than a few glass mishaps ie damage to windshields. What to do when windshield damage strikes? 1) If it’s a large shattered windshield, you shouldn’t drive your car. If it’s a small crack (smaller than a dollar […]