My accident cost what?

{image}  Many  people assume putting a claim on their auto policy will cause this insurance premium to increase. It’s not always true.Today, I’m going to share some “insider secrets”. Actually, the general public is privy to the information, but the reality is, most people don’t […]

Texting & Driving

Are you familiar with the Massachusetts law that prohibits texting while driving? Actually it prohibits most usage with a cell phone while driving. If you are driving a car and get into an accident because of cell phone use… You will face criminal charges. You […]

Series Kick-Off: Mock Monday

Next week we are kicking off a new blog series.It’s called Mock Mondays.Every Monday we will take you through a part of the claim process to help you better understand how a claim works.Obviously EVERY claim is different, but hopefully you will understand insurance, claims, accidents, getting paid […]