Massachusetts’ Low Auto Rates!

  To say that insurance shoppers aren’t price sensitive in today’s economic turbulence would be a drastic understatement. The introduction of direct-writers into the insurance market has made purchasing car insurance easier and cheaper. Fortunately, for Massachusetts drivers, the state was recently graded as one […]

Dog Bite Liability

For most dog owners, the possibility of their dog biting someone may seem next to impossible. Many common dog breeds are tame, friendly, and docile but homeowner’s insurance underwriters are careful when determining what breeds of dogs to exclude from a policy. In 2011, insurance […]

Shark Attack!

With Discovery Channel’s famous “Shark Week” put off for a few weeks by the Summer Olympics, it’s only fitting that Massachusetts saw its first shark attack since a fatal attack in 1936. While officials have not definitively confirmed that it was a shark that bit […]

Not Your Average Claim

Working in the insurance industry, you seem some truly whacky, counter-intuitive claims, cases, and court rulings. RoughNotesmagazine and Insurance Journal constantly publish claims and court settlements far from norm. Yesterday, an article popped up on Insurance Journal’s website about a man who killed his wife, […]