A Simple Way to Save a Few Dollars, Pt. 2

Did you read our recent blog post about payment planscompanies offer to their policy holders? Today’s post is specific to homeowner discounts. Everyone could stand to save a few dollars, right? That’s why we want to ensure that you’re aware of the money you could be saving. When your home is your most valuable asset, you can’t afford to skimp on the  bargain insurance plan if something were to go wrong. Fortunately, insurance companies offer customers a variety of substantial discounts, giving them a break while maintaining excellent coverage.

Arbella Mutual Insurance provides you with a variety of discounts simply for being a loyal customer. Arbella offers customers up to a 20% discount on their homeowner’s policy when customers also carry auto policies with Arbella. Many customers carry homeowner and auto policies with different companies and don’t realize that they are missing out on savings.

You can see serious rewards for brand loyalty. To add to the auto and home bundling discount, Arbella will discount your policy 3% for each year you renew your homeowner policy. Arbella will knock off an additional 2% if you carry your auto policy with them as well. For renters, Arbella will discount your policy 10% if you insure your car with Arbella. Not only is it an added convenience to carry both policies with the same company, but it is cheaper too!
Safety Insurance offers the same discount for homeowners, 20% if they carry both their auto and homeowner policies. Homeowner insurance is not cheap, and most homeowner’s also own cars. If they’re insuring these assets with different companies, they could be over-paying by 20% or more than they would be with companies like Safety and Arbella.

Arbella also offers a new home discount to homeowners, knocking 20% off their premium. Homeowners will continue to earn discounts on their home until the home turns 10 years old. Arbella offers new home buyers a 10% discount for the first two years if they attend a Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance workshop (MAHA). The MAHA educates homebuyers on sustainable homeownership, teaching homeowners the ins and outs of purchasing a home. The workshops take 12 hours to complete, over the course of four days, and can save you a ton of money. 

Lastly, Arbella, Safety and other companies will offer discounts when your home is retrofitted with additional safety measures. Installing simple measures such as deadbolt locks and smoke detectors can warrant discounts. The installation of burglar alarms, fire alarms, and automatic sprinklers are added discounts. Even if companies don’t offer discounts, you should have basic security features such as dead-bolt locks and smoke detectors to protect you and your family. Simple things like proximity to a police station or fire-hydrant will also bring down your premium, but that might not be something you can control.

Going above and beyond to maintain and protect your home shows insurance companies you value your home and gives them confidence they need to offer you a lower price.

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